Bozeman Athletic Clubs & Gyms Ranked In 2017 Report

Recently we sat down with Jason from InBusiness Inc. His team at InBusiness have recently started publishing video reports intended for local and national business owners. These reports essentially boil down to the brass tacks what is happening in a specific market. And while they may require time, experience, and close inspection (which often cannot be outsourced) the team at this marketing agency has claimed they will continue to produce more and more similar reports.

The recent video report from this team can be found here on YouTube at the following url

In the report, Bozeman gyms are ranked and dissected on a variety of standards. Here’s a gist of the ranking made in the video:


The team had this to say when we asked them about how people in the area have responded to these reports,

So far, people have really liked our reports. It’s interesting how nobody, until now, has really dug into the innards of what’s going on online. When we make a report, it’s like we’ve already won. We take the report, fire it off to our friends, and the feedback has been great. One person responded back within minutes after we published it and said they had never seen this sort of info anywhere after being in business for over a decade!

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